Al-Saffar Est. is a specialist and experienced establishment in waterproofing works executed by modified bituminous membrane. In the years of its experience, it has developed highest degree of technical expertise in this specialized field and has ability to select proper materials for proper situations, which is a prime factor for a guaranteed system in roofing business

Thermal Insulation

The great success of the Inverted roof concept is that it protects the membrane from all stress like temperature, thermal cycling and high Ultra-Violet radiation from Sun by having the Thermal Insulation over the membrane rather than under it as in the case of conventional roofs

Concrete Restoration

ASE has over the years used quality materials as a patching and repair materials of deteriorated concrete in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia successfully. In particular, the performance of these materials in coastal areas has been excellent

Lightweight Foam Concrete

The quality of the foaming liquid is very important in light weight foam concrete. Good quality foam liquid gives a good yield and at the same time it influences the quality of the finished LWFC in terms of surface finish, porosity, strength, and the thermal conductance