Modified Bituminous Membrane

Al-Saffar Est. is a specialist and experienced establishment in waterproofing works executed by modified bituminous membrane. In the years of its experience, it has developed highest degree of technical expertise in this specialized field and has ability to select proper materials for proper situations, which is a prime factor for a guaranteed system in roofing business.

ASE has been installing the modified bituminous membranes in the following locations:

  • Externally in basement, car parks and underground water tanks.
  • On different type of roofs and balconies.
  • In planter boxes.
  • In bathrooms and kitchens. 

ASE has an experienced team of technicians to apply modified bituminous membrane with highest degree of precision. In addition, these jobs are closely supervised by qualified and experienced engineers and are guaranteed against quality workmanship.


ASE has a range of quality coatings to apply in specially restricted areas, where the other waterproofing materials are not applicable and situation demands only coatings to be a solution.

In addition, ASE is using some coatings in overhead potable water tanks and has a certificate of being non-toxic and no adverse effect on portability of water.

ASE has a group of technicians to install coating systems in special situations under restricted and restrained guarantees, keeping in view the situations where it is used.

ASE is pioneers in designing High –Build Roofing System and is a versatile and best suited for climatic condition of Saudi Arabia.

Cementitious Waterproofing

ASE is qualified applicator of cementitious products in kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The applied products are cementitious based and are very non-toxic materials with excellent and guaranteed performance. The products can be used safely in potable water tanks.

Cementations waterproofing materials are used in specific waterproofing system in the locations and areas of basements, potable water tanks, swimming pools and tunnels etc.

These materials have good mechanical properties to adhere to the concrete and have a complete grip on products applied over it, due to added bonding agent, which is a special formulation of Acrylic Polymers modifiers to improve mechanical and chemical properties of these products used in different systems. These products are non-toxic and non-corrosive, resists, and attack of environmental onslaughts, for a longer period. Cementations products are safe and friendly having quality performance.