The quality of the foaming liquid is very important in light weight foam concrete. Good quality foam liquid gives a good yield and at the same time it influences the quality of the finished LWFC in terms of surface finish, porosity, strength, and the thermal conductance.

For the positive slope of roof light weight foam concrete is used, when dealing with LWFC the following aspects should be necessary:

  • A minimum thickness of 8 cm should be achieved.
  • A minimum dry density of about 350 KG/M3
  • A suitable curing time as per the climatic conditions.
  • A suitable and appropriate mix design should be followed.

ASE is a specialist in lightweight foam concrete. ASE has a fleet of Machines imported from Italy and Germany, which are running by well trained operators.

The pumping and lay operations of ASE are very fast, precise and professional.

The lightweight foam concrete are well designed by ASE’s professional and qualified engineers and are laid to perfection by trained and qualified operatives under close supervision of site engineers.

There are some special features of lightweight foam concrete listed below:

  • It provides good sub-structure for roofing systems.
  • It has versatility.
  • It has light weight.
  • It is economical.
  • It has high production rate.
  • It has working compressive strength.
  • It has thermal and acoustic insulations and thermal stability.
  • It is fire, rot and vermin proof.
  • It has low cement consumption and provide walk able surface for roofing system.

Because of technical know-how, all these advantages achieved only by ASE, by their experienced technicians and well maintained equipment.